Studio di Mare

Writing. Drawing. Designing. Jewelry. Teaching.

Ciao! I’m Stephanie (aka Smiles) and I’m a creative. You could call me a Renaissance woman since I like to do a bit of everything. I don’t care really what the medium is as long as I’m creating something. I’m happy exploring and trying something new or continuing to perfect the disciplines in which I’m trained.

My career path is varied to say the least. At some point in 2009 I discovered that I enjoy blogging, but didn’t have much success due to a lack of specific focus and consistent dedication. I’ve finally found a voice and a style that I’ve settled upon, but it’s still not especially niched since I can’t settle on doing doing one thing at a time. As a hyper-creative person I simply have my hands in too many projects.

Here you will find a variety of my works – creative writings, jewelry designs, branding info, and even personal insights through travel or personal development. This is my primary website, sort of like a home base for my overall portfolio, and the main point here is simply sharing my creativity and hopefully something you’ll find of interest.