Living in Italy FAQ

On travel in Italy

“I would love to hire you to help me plan a trip for …”

That’s great! My travel business website is I focus on private guided tours and personalized excursions, mostly in the Campania region and in Rome. However, I do have contacts for activities in Tuscany and Sicily too.

You can find out more on the website about some of the different types of personalized services I offer. Once you have a look and decide I can still be of service for you, I’d love to help you out. Not everything that is available is listed as I’m still researching new activities and making new contacts often.

There’s a contact form on the website and it will send a message to my inbox where I keep my communication organized.

What’s the best way to get around Italy? Should I hire a car or take a train?

I would say that it depends on the destinations you plan to visit and what you want to do when you are there. I’m happy to provide consultation to provide suggestions and information regarding your trip’s itinerary and your personal preferences. Send me a message through my contact page on with your ideas and planned travel dates.

For more information on living in Italy

There are many active “Ex-pat in Italy” type of groups that you can find on Facebook. Some are localized to particular regions within Italy to help network with those close to you. The members of these groups include ex-pats from all over and those who are seriously considering a move to Italy. Just as with any chat forum, you’ll see both helpful people and those who like to complain a lot. Filter the info you need and avoid being scared away by someone else’s drama.

Regarding the show

“Did you really only get 3 choices?!?!?”

I won’t reveal all the TV magic that goes into producing this kind of reality show. However, if you’ve ever watched House Hunters or any of the spin-off shows like the one I was featured on, then you probably noticed they always show only 3 properties. There’s a format for their programs and it’s designed to fit the 30-minute shows (less commercials). Some episodes mention but do not show that they have ruled out other choices that were available and what they select to feature are 3 properties that offer some drama or debate to decide from to make the show interesting and to keep viewers guessing.

In my reality, I actually considered living in other villages along the Amalfi Coast at first, but had narrowed it down to Vietri sul Mare as my preferred destination of them all. This is what the show’s producers decided to focus on. The international version of the show is also about featuring the destination and not just the homes there. It made more sense to focus on the village where I live and not the entire Amalfi Coast.

“Do you like your apartment?”

Yes, I do love it. For me it’s the perfect size and I have a large enough living space for my studio/office area. The large terrace with the mountain view and quiet neighbors (nuns live at a convent in the building seen from the terrace in the program) are a welcome change from the street noises I had living in my apartments in Rome. When it’s quiet at night there are sometimes waves at the beach that I can hear from my apartment. It’s one of my most favorite sounds ever.

On the show, I really wanted to have a 2BR for the opportunity to earn some extra money by renting out to tourists traveling through the area. Even though I ended up with only a 1BR, I have figured out a way to do this and I do offer a private room rental on

Bonus question: Can you elaborate on your big dream you mentioned on the show?

For a very long time I have wanted to have a place where creative people of all kinds can gather together to support and inspire one another in a beautiful setting. Essentially what I’d like to have is a peaceful villa with amazing views in a place like the Amalfi Coast that inspires creativity.

I enjoy hosting people in the B&B setting and encouraging people to pursue their creativity and passions. Having my own property with meeting spaces and workshop areas for artists doing a sabbatical or hosting exclusive retreats is something I would love to achieve in the future. I believe the travel business I am growing in this area now is a perfect complement to my big dream.


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